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«ΑΧΡΗΜΑΤΗ ΟΙΚΟΝΟΜΙΑ – είναι η Κύπρος έτοιμη;»

Έρευνα Επιτροπής Οικονομικών του Ινστιτούτου Νέων Επιστημόνων* ΑΧΡΗΜΑΤΗ ΟΙΚΟΝΟΜΙΑ – είναι η Κύπρος έτοιμη; Ένα δημοφιλές θέμα μεταξύ των νέων είναι το μέλλον των συναλλαγών και αν και πότε η τεχνολογία θα αλλάξει για πάντα τον τρόπο και ρυθμό της ζωής μας. Η Επιτροπή Οικονομικών του Ινστιτούτου Νέων Επιστημόνων (ΙΝΕ) συζήτησε και άκουσε τις απόψεις για[...]
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Webcast: Digital Transformation of the Public Sector & The Upcoming Legislation of Blockchain Technology in Cyprus on the 21st July 2020.

This Webcast is hosted by our partner The Digital Transformation Of The Public Sector & The Upcoming Legislation Of Blockchain Technology In Cyprus Make sure to attend this discussion and submit your questions live! Our Association is a proud supporter of this event by! Watch the Webcast here DescriptionIn this webcast, Cyprus’s Deputy Minister for[...]
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Webcast: Blockchain in the Public Sector – Global Survey by the Slovak BDO

A global survey run by BDO and Publicum of the Republic of Slovakia. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE Event Details NO REGISTRATION NEEDED Facebook Live Event Info BDO and civil association PUBLICUM the official organizer of BLOCKWALKS conference has conducted an international survey on the use of blockchain technology in the public sector. We have entered[...]
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Enabling an EU framework for markets in crypto-assets

An online conference on the current consultation for the development of European regulation on crypto-assets was hosted by the European Commission on May 13, 2020. EC members and the industry exchanged thoughts and promoted the need to implementing real next steps on the space. Participating as representatives of Cyprus, and in alignment with other European[...]
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Membership Certificates on Blockchain using Platform

The justified increase of interest in the blockchain technology is creating great opportunities for innovation and collaborations in the space! We are pleased to partner with Blockchain Platform on the path of combating document fraud. All of the membership certificates of the Cyprus Blockchain Association are now issued on Blockchain in order to ensure[...]
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Cyprus Fintech Expo 3.0: Owning ‘the digital ME’

The Cyprus Blockchain Association has been the official supporter of the 3rd Cyprus Fintech Expo organised by the IMH. Christiana Aristidou, the Managing Partner of Christiana Aristidou LLC and the Vice-Chair of the Cyprus Blockchain Association, has presented: Owning’ the digital ME’: The inevitable twin rise of blockchain-enabled Self-sovereign ID (SSI) and of the right[...]
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