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You can now get a special price on any of the Executive/Professional Certification in Blockchain related topics by the University of Nicosia. If you require individual or group packages, our Association offers special pricing. Just contact us directly by clicking here.

The University of Nicosia has been pioneering Blockchain education since 2014 and has many firsts in the space. UNic is proud to announce the second cycle of our online specialized Blockchain Professional Training series taught by the change-makers themselves launching February 10th.

Apart from the MSc in Digital Currency (1st degree worldwide on the subject of blockchain and digital currency), the following 5 professional certification courses on subjects surrounding blockchain and which could be of great interest to you:

1.Blockchain, Law, Regulation and Policy

2. Security Token Strategy

3. Applied Forecasting

4. Blockchain and Energy

5. Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies


The above courses have a duration of 6 weeks and professionals who successfully complete any of them are awarded a Professional Certification.