Cyprus Fintech Expo 3.0: Owning ‘the digital ME’

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The Cyprus Blockchain Association has been the official supporter of the 3rd Cyprus Fintech Expo organised by the IMH.

Christiana Aristidou, the Managing Partner of Christiana Aristidou LLC and the Vice-Chair of the Cyprus Blockchain Association, has presented:

Owning’ the digital ME’: The inevitable twin rise of blockchain-enabled Self-sovereign ID (SSI) and of the right to data portability in the era of PSDII, GDPR, and eIDAS

The user’s digital identity landscape experience is exceptionally fragmented. Identity management is currently largely centralized, harming the privacy of the user. The Self-sovereign identity (SSI) system puts users in ownership and control of their digital identity. Such system can certainly be facilitated by blockchain. Blockchain-enabled SSI has already seen a number of successful test pilots and implementations in Europe and globally. In the era of PSDII, Open Banking, GDPR and eIDAS, the right to data portability and blockchain-enabled SSI, will allow businesses to form a stronger, more loyal customer base.