Webcast: Digital Transformation of the Public Sector & The Upcoming Legislation of Blockchain Technology in Cyprus on the 21st July 2020.

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The Digital Transformation Of The Public Sector & The Upcoming Legislation Of Blockchain Technology In Cyprus

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In this webcast, Cyprus’s Deputy Minister for Research, Innovation & Digital Policy, Mr. Kyriacos Kokkinos, is joined by the international Blockchain experts Mr. Jeff Bandman and Mr. Steve Tendon, to discuss the enormous potential of Blockchain technology in both the Public and Private sectors.

Jeff, one of the most accomplished legal experts in the field, whose firm has recently been appointed by the Cyprus Government to draft its legislation on Blockchain & DLT, and Steve, a Blockchain strategist, instrumental in the drafting of Malta’s National Strategy on Blockchain, together with Mr. Kokkinos, the person responsible for the design and implementation of Cyprus’s Blockchain and DLT strategy, will be providing their insights as to upcoming developments in this field.

Hosted by Christiana Aristidou, the Vice President of our Association, this webcast will shed light on how blockchain and DLT are shaping both the Public and Private Sectors. How are corporations, governments, and citizens impacted by the changes in legislation? Join the webcast to get all the answers!

This webcast a great opportunity for people of different levels to expand their knowledge base, and get a grasp of how technological innovation is disrupting their industry, as well as the Public Sector.

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