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Let’s make Cyprus a Blockchain Hub!

The Cyprus Blockchain Association and the European Blocktech Federation have been the major supporters of this event. The President of the CBA and board member of the EBTF Yiannis Menelaou, has welcomed the audience for the summit proceedings.

Yiannis said that ” Cyprus is the place for innovation ” and that the island can be the place of digital democratization through the blockchain applications.

Moreover, Yiannis mentioned that the EBTF is a strong supporter European startup businesses as well as helping national bodies such as regulators, and it is a supporter on implementing the Cypriot national strategy announced by the government few days back.

Finance Minister Harris Georgiades in his address said

“our aim is to be among the first countries to regulate aspects of Decentralized Ledger Technologies in order to create a truly attractive environment, in parallel with all the other factors that make Cyprus an attractive destination for investment and business.”

Georgiades called for efforts at national level to stepped-up  Even countries which cannot hope to be leaders in designing and developing the new technologies, should aim to be at the forefront of using and utilizing the new technologies…first blockchain national strategy and noted the opportunities that arise. “Digital Transformation, including blockchain applications, probably offers the most effective and quick way to public sector reform.”. The Minister also stated the plans of the government to setup the Ministry of Ditigal Transformation and Technology by 2020.

Additionally, he mentioned that new technologies present a unique opportunity inf transforming the national product and Cyprus as “the leading centres for innovation and growth globally”

The President of the House of Representatives Demetris Syllouris on his addressing mentioned that  

” Cyprus needs and can be a leading nation in promoting innovation in the blockchain and DLT space.”

He thanked all the professionals, private institutions, associations and the Ministry of Finance for the close collaboration in drafting the national strategy on Blockchain.

President Syllouris stated that the Parliament is ready to act and proceed to necessary regulatory updates in order to support the Blockchain system. Moreover, through the national strategy it is expected to be able to take decisions in the new regulatory regime by the year end.

European BlockTech Federation

Established in 2018, the EBTF is the most powerful voice in Europe for the promotion of Blockchain and Distributed Technologies. The EBTF is a non-profit body established in Brussels by 13 European national associations (Cyprus, UK, Germany, France, Portugal, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Slovenia, Island, Czech). Our network is being continuously expanded within and beyond the European boarders. Our members and advisors are internationally recognized thought-leaders and cutting edge organizations. The EBTF connects policymakers, professionals, companies and VCs to advance the understanding, acceptance and application of Blockchain/DLT technologies.

The CBA is a member of the (7) board of directors of the EBTF.

IMH is organizing the Cyprus Blockchain Summit to help inform businesses of the latest trends and developments in blockchain, and how this new disruptive technology can assist them. Experienced speakers, keen investors and opinion leaders will examine the opportunities and threats of this emerging technology. They will analyze how blockchain is challenging – some might even say redefining – the status quo, and provide attendees with a foresight on what to expect in the future.

The Cyprus Blockchain Association has been a proud Supporter of the Event.

Event Details

When: Wednesday, 10 July 2019 | 08:30 – 15:15

Where: Hilton Park Hotel, Nicosia

Language: English