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Webcast: Blockchain in the Public Sector – Global Survey by the Slovak BDO

A global survey run by BDO and Publicum of the Republic of Slovakia. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE Event Details NO REGISTRATION NEEDED Facebook Live Event Info BDO and civil association PUBLICUM the official organizer of BLOCKWALKS conference has conducted an international survey on the use of blockchain technology in the public sector. We have entered[...]
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Membership Certificates on Blockchain using Block.co Platform

The justified increase of interest in the blockchain technology is creating great opportunities for innovation and collaborations in the space! We are pleased to partner with Block.co Blockchain Platform on the path of combating document fraud. All of the membership certificates of the Cyprus Blockchain Association are now issued on Blockchain in order to ensure[...]
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Game Changers – An Interview of George Agathangelou, CMO of Block.co

An interview of George Agathangelou, the CMO of Block.co for the Game Changers magazine (Issue 24).   Hello George, welcome back to Game Changers. It has been a long time since your last appearance. George, you must be one of the most controversial personas in the financial industry. With a background in Economics, you’ve dealt[...]
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Presence at Decentralized 2019

Europe’s premier conference on blockchain and digital currencies, Decentralized was organized for a third consecutive year, in Athens, from 30 October – 1 November 2019. The conference welcomed nearly 1000 attendees, and was organised by the University of Nicosia, and proudly supported by the Cyprus Blockchain Association once again. The blockchain conference also attracted business[...]
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Smart Contracts’ Coding and Legal Challenges

Smart Contracts are a major tool that enables blockchain to achieve their enormous potential. There is no widely-acceptable definition currently in place. A very useful working definition for smart contracts is provided by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Another useful definition reads as follows: “Smart Contracts are computer programs that automatically execute instructions triggered[...]
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From Concept to Product

Blockchain provides solutions that are characterized by transparency, absence of a third-party. Cyprus Blockchain Association will present to you some blockchain use cases and applications that we have summarized and listed under the following broader categories: Ledgers, cryptocurrencies and other crypto-tokens and smart contracts. We will then go through 4 big domains that pose considerable[...]
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